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How it Works

Geo service is a set of place locator functions available over the Internet.

The web service uses SOAP or REST over HTTP, and is easy to integrate into existing applications. It requires virtually no maintenance after the initial integration. No need to download databases and keep them up to date or figure out distance calculation formulas. Just call Zip Codes web service using your favorite SOAP toolkit or even plain HTTP Get/Post. Read through the Documentation for more information.

User-defined places are supported, that means you can upload your own locations and search directly against them. For more information on how to build an office locator with user-defined places see How to Build an Office Locator section in the documentation.

Geo Service can...

  • Find nearest office locations of your company
  • Find zip codes or cities in 5 mile radius
  • Find zip codes cover your city
  • Find cities does this zip code cover

Supported Data

  • US zip codes and cities
  • Canadian postal codes and cities
  • User-Defined Places (UDPs) such as office locations